at a loss

My husband was at a complete loss a few days ago when his iPhone mysteriously stopped working. He was rendered completely useless because he felt he had no way to communicate with his employees, he couldn’t instantly respond to clients, he had no phone numbers, no access to his email… his entire life had come to a standstill. I sat back in the living room and watched as he paced back and forth and cursed liked a sailor, and I realized how so many people have become completely dependent on technology that if it fails they don’t know how to function without it. I on the other hand remember quite clearly the days of pre-mobile phones and pre-internet, and luckily for me I was able to help my husband navigate his life.

Everyone laughs at me because I still keep an updated organizer with phone numbers, addresses, birthdays and important information like credit cards, blood type, etc. After my husband’s little meltdown I felt vindicated that even though I have a smartphone, a laptop and I blog, I still have the ability to keep living without any technology. I revel in sending handwritten letters to my friends and family. I actually have a land-line at home with no caller id or voicemail and more often than not, I enjoy running errands and leaving my mobile phone at home. Life keeps on going and we don’t have to constantly be connected in order to enjoy it. We don’t have to be “available” to everyone every second of the day.

That being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and do yourself a favor… leave your mobile phone behind this weekend and just enjoy being with those around you or turn it off and go for walk. I promise you will survive!

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

So, begins my favorite time of year. The weather is cooler, the days get shorter, the leaves begin to change and the moon lingers a little longer. I also start the wonderful task of planning fall birthdays. The excitement in the air of celebrations, friends, laughter and memories are just days away. Time for family gatherings, hosting cocktail parties and long walks. This is simply the best time of year!

This morning I woke up and it was still pitch black outside, everyone was sleeping except for me and my lab. So I sat with the cold crisp air at my face, sipping on a hot cup of tea, enjoying the silence before the hurried bustle of the kids and rush to get to work. These are the moments I cherish the most. When I can truly be alone and enjoy the solitude that is always there, but very rarely do I get to spend time with it.

Today’s Favorites:

  • cold mornings
  • cuddling with my dog
  • NPR Morning Edition
  • cinnamon buns
  • children laughing
  • waiting for the school bus
  • morning kisses
  • Maverick and his rocket spaceship
  • being totally at peace
  • gratitude

keepin’ it local: So Proud!!!

Custom Design RVA

I don’t like to talk about my husband too much on here, mainly because he doesn’t want to become part of my blog posts, so that everyone who reads it suddenly knows what’s going on in our personal life, but frankly… I don’t care!

So, if you can imagine, me, super excited like a six year old, jumping up and down, but I’m keeping it all inside… that’s exactly my state of mind right now. I am SO PROUD of my husband and all of his hard work these last few months getting his new little company off the ground (Custom Design RVA), but the most exciting bit of press thus far came through today in Richmond Magazine. They wrote a nice article about his great custom designed reclaimed wood furniture that he builds and how his tables and benches are now the focal point at Mekong Restaurant, which for all of you who have been under a rock for the last 24 hours, was just voted the Best Beer Bar in America for the second year in a row!

Ok that’s it! I just wanted to share (a tiny little bit) about my husband! So if you have time, head over and check out his website here and be sure to show him some love on Twitter and Facebook!

i got so wrapped in life i forgot to blog about it…

Well that’s probably the best excuse that I could ever have not to blog! I was just to damn busy living my life to bother to sit down and write about it. I think in an era where every step you make is tweeted about, every decision process is posted on your facebook and every photo you take is on instagram, it’s nice to think that I have spent the last few weeks actually living my life and being present in every moment rather than posting about it on my blog. I do have to admit that I actually love writing about my family, ideas, food, wine and travel… so, I need to find a happy medium that allows me to do both!

Anyway, I guess I should catch you up on what’s happened these last few weeks. All THREE kids are now in school! Did you hear that? ALL OF THEM! There is no more daycare or working from home for this lady. I have eagerly re-entered the world of adults. I went back to work (full-time) and I am loving every second of it. I actually have interesting, thought-provoking and funny things to say to other adults. Who knew? I thought I had lost my self-deprecating, witty sense of humor, but no, it’s still very much intact! Now the downside… because there always is one. The kids have had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I am back at work full-time and not available to volunteer at every school event, but transitions are difficult for all of us no matter what age and I know that as long as we stick to our routine and make an effort to spend individual time with each of our kids, things will eventually fall into place.

I have a lot of travel coming up now that I am back at work, which will give me the opportunity to write about more fabulous places to visit, eat and drink! I hope you all have had an amazing week and that you take the time to unplug and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. I will be back into full-swing blogging this coming week!

(Oh! and for all my Jewish friends… Hope you have had a wonderful new year, shana tova, and may this week’s fast during Yom Kippur be easy and quick!)

nurturing relationships

I use to wonder what it would have been like if I had only one child. This thought usually enters my mind when I’ve reached a level of exhaustion and I’m about to lose my cool with my kids, but then I’m quickly reminded that the reason I wanted to have three children was because of the unbelievable bond and nurturing that seems to naturally occur between siblings. They play together, laugh together and cry together. They are each others beginning and end. I feel really blessed every time I see them cuddling, building and creating together. I’m reminded of the amazing relationship I have with my brother… of the love we share, the uncontrollable laughter, the inside jokes that only we understand, the pillar of strength that we bring to one another.


matisse & maverick

mason & maverick

nothing better


looking for sand crabs


simply perfect


playing. content.


superhero powers


so beautiful


happiness abounds


boogie board master


hitting the waves


the unexpected


he was yelling: “I am Sparta!”

We went on a holiday for an entire month! No work. No computers. No blogging. Just family and kids, laughter and sun. I wish it would have never ended. Sometimes it takes something as simple as spending quality time with my brother and our kids to realize that I need to take a leap of faith and change my life, because my children deserve to feel this happy each and every day of their lives.

The Joy of Pastis


One of my favorite things to do is drink a pastis every afternoon. Sitting outside, watching the sunset, laughing with friends and enjoying the small, meaningful moments in life.


2 ounces pastis
Pitcher cold water
Ice cubes

Fill a glass pitcher or jug with very cold water. Pour a little pastis into an old-fashioned glass. Dilute the pastis with water — the usual ratio is five parts water to one part pastis. Start with equal parts water and pastis, sip the drink and add more water to suit your taste. If you’d like, add an ice cube after diluting with water.